General Chemical Substances

Industries addressing different production and service areas; It is important to know that there are people in the textile industry such as auxiliary chemicals, metal surface treatment, metal coating, rubber, plastics, water technology, paper, packaging, petrochemical, mineral oil, leather, mining, energy, paint, adhesive, wood and furniture, we are in the field and we meet your needs.

Special Chemical Substances

As Piochem, we operate in all logistic processes such as procurement, storage and shipment of high quality, reliable chemical products and special chemical products, which are required by the world's leading producers in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs sector as well as your basic chemical needs we have been.

Export Chemical Substances

Our country's most imported; we are in the process of supplying chemicals in the first form, such as plastics, medical and pharmaceutical products, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, debagat and dyestuff used, tannins, pigments and dyes, mineral chemical fertilizers, soaps, detergents and other cleaning products and other similar products.

Piochem chemistry we provide services for the supply of chemical materials and materials needed in different fields of activity both at home and abroad.


Appropriate chemical production or from the best producers procurement and supply.

The optimum temperature and temperature of the in storage conditions to be kept.

Material lot separation and best fit with order dispatching Customer by means of supplying.










Our Mission

We continue to serve with reliable and quality products produced in the light of every technology developing.

Our Vision

As Piochem Kimya; With consciousness that we must leave a livable world to future generations, we are for man.

Quality Understanding

We operate in accordance with the quality criteria in the sectoral sense and act with continuous satisfaction principle.

Our Business Partners

-- Periodic Element Table --

You can also see all of the chemical elements in the PDF link. All the elements listed in this list; atomic numbers, name, symbol, group and period numbers are shown.